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Top Features

Courses And Classes
Create content in a master course and replicate its contents into classes at that point of time. Build a baseline of foundational resources.
Improve report delivery by providing critical course result, peer or evaluation scores for PDF, Excel or Open Office formats.
Scalable Architecture
Readily grow and expand your user database with Pencil's proven success of supporting more than 10,000 users.
Competency Management
Concisely manage topics and proficiencies by organizing courses with competencies.
Recognized ELearning Activities
Build courses with an array of quiz questions types, SCORM compliant courseware or uploaded assignments for your students to attempt.
Grow Your Communities
Foster cohesive crowd culture and user retainment with communities for your, course graduates.

Accompanied With Industry Recognized Practices

Agile Development Methology
Agile is a leading development mythology used to communicate concise objectives, deliver the MVP and rapidly deploy features in time-boxed sprints. In conjunction with Feature Driven Development, Agile has helped us optimized time for requirements gathering and development.
OWASP Vulnerability Assessments
VA is fundamental, for us, and for our clients. As cyber security concerns increase, we are no stranger to addressing attack vectors such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, or Man In The Middle vulnerabilities from the OWASP Top 10. Additionally, we are also experienced with software hardening policies.
Performance And Load Testing
Take confidence in providing a seamless experience for your end-users. Load Testing helps identify bandwidth bottlenecks for improvement, resulting in silkier page transitions, accelerating organization knowledge consumption and output. Till date, we have ran load tests for more than 500 concurrent users.

Dedicated And Seasoned Support Teams

Victor has been part of the Learning Management movement for more than a decade. His broad experience and insights have helped bridge and unify company practices for the E-Learning Edge in today's market.
Rakesh fronts the edge of Pencil's modern abilities with over 15 years of experience, harmonizing technology and business requirements. His acute and objective mindset energizes ideas and solutions for our clients.