Glide From Enrolled Courses To Pending Activities In Two Clicks

User Elements

Dashboard Essentials

Pencils's Dashboard diversely calls to attention a potpourri of  Upcoming Courses, Planned Events and Buzzing Communities. Designed to proactively engage your audience in Learning Activities, the first steps of your user's E-Learning activities begin here, with a modern interface on the desktop or responsive experience for users on mobile.

Progress Tracking

Smoothly orchestrate between priorities, with an overview of your course progress tracking.  Visualize in graphical form the progress of each individual course, measured by gradable activities, critical for driving course results.

Personal Profile And Storage

Drag and drop working material to your own personal space,  manage profiles and upload photos with Pencil's personal profile and storage elements.

Learning Journal

Flex creativity and nurture ideas with personal Learning Journals unique to each user. While Learning Journals are private in nature, users are empowered to invite leaders to provide approval or advise on their thoughts or challenges. In turn, peers have multiple channels to strengthen bonds and communicate care.

Private And Group Chat

Actively chat with mentors, seniors or your peers. Collaborate, share and message other employees or groups of users privately and securely.


Exhibit, review and print accomplished courses or competency certificates. Pencil's E-Portfolio can be uniquely personalized by each user, giving each individual finer customization options to promote self-ownership towards proficiency.