Hold Company Wide Activities With Ease To Strengthen Your Corporate Culture

Enterprise Tools

Enterprise Search

Deep dive your knowledge base with the power of Pencil's Enterprise Search. Sieve for results across departments with keyword references on Courses, Activities, Events, Announcements, Resources and more. With a real-time preview of each result, swiftly zero in on your findings.

Enterprise Events

Reach out en masse across your E-Learning Academy to bring different groups together for Enterprise Events. Plan functions, practical experiences or team building events for display on your participant's dashboards.

Public Resources

Share critical Operational Manuals, Internal Policies or FAQs with Pencil's Enterprise Resources conceived as a distribution platform for content, attachments, images. With robust version control and enabled comments, collaborate on an Enterprise level to bring maximize proficiency.

Enterprise Survey

Vertically improve Learning, Environmental or Policy with strategic use of Pencil's Enterprise Survey. Collect organizational Feedback, Ideas, Dates and run Acceptable Use Policies with the versatility of Enterprise Surveys.

Enterprise Quiz

Audits or Compliance Tests on the horizon?  Holistically, improve the academic competency of all registered personnel with Enterprise Quizzes. Utilize MCQ, Multi-Select, Short Answer questions to boost knowledge and awareness.