Build Learning Ecosystem And Foster Cohesion That Drive Crowd Culture

Social Learning


Nourish in-house practices of a self-sustained Social Learning Environment with Pencil’s Communities, that can be free-for-all or by-invitation registration. Learner’s whom have achieved course competencies can participate in communities to share their knowledge or organize events that strengthen bonds.

Social Walls

Orientate new users or retain talent by communicating thoughts, posting questions, team events or group photos on a communal board that brings ideas alike and people together.


Community Events allows users to monitor participation, track attendance and provides a wall where information can be shared. Bring departments together to schedule an easily keep track of real-life meetings.

Post Likes

What better way to express interest, support or approval promptly than Liking a post? Yes, Pencil’s Communities come with likes, a familiar element instrumental to convey enthusiasm, recognized by users.


Need to drop Notifications or Reminders for your Communities?  Use Announcements that to leave a visible footprint for your Community Members. Pencil’s Community Announcements can be configured with a duration, to time frame the notice to your requirements.