Host A Broad Array Of Course Activities To Facilitate Enhanced Lessons

Course Activities


Quizzes are foundational for validating knowledge in your E-Learning Academy. Customize feedback, shuffle questions, configure time frames or utilize MCQ, Multi-Select, Short Answer Questions and more. Take advantage of Pencil's E-Learning benefits to deliver On-Demand and Instant Gratification for your learners.


Gauge, Evaluate and Obtain Insights on Content Effectiveness, Difficulties or Instructor Expertise with Pencil's Course Surveys. Hosting a myriad of Rating Scale, Multiple Choice, Date and Open Text Formats, polish and scale your E-Learning Academy to the next level.


SCORM, is widely used, industry standard format for delivering immersive and content-rich E-Learning material. Pencil's integrated SCORM Engine is 2004 and 1.2 compliant, ready to bring HTLM5 Courseware experiences to your users.


Supporting a diverse variety of file formats, Pencil Assignments provide a centralized hub for Learners to upload (not limited to) Word, Powerpoint or Excel files for Grading. Trainers who receive the submitted Assignment, can download, grade and attach the revised Assignment for the Learner's benefit.