Distribute And Manage Academic Courses With Powerful Tools That Save Time

Course Management

Course Directories

Share knowledge across departments with Pencil's course directory to nurture exploratory learning. Use free-for-all, password protected or by-approval methods to facilitate enrollment access.

Courses And Classes

Create multiple classes from a single course, populated with activities and resources. Save time without the need to re-create the same elements by using Pencil's course and class tools.

Class Gradebook

Categorize and manage class grades from different activities, with assigned weightages that contribute to your learner's final class grades. Export these results in widely recognized Microsoft and OpenOffice formats, to provide faster and more accurate reports.

Attendance Taking

Track attendance for classroom and group based activities with records that can reflect present, absent, am/pm or customized entries to suit the scenario. Readily export these records in known Microsoft and OpenOffice formats.

Multi-File Support

Upload word, excel, epub, ppt, openoffice and more, to serve your learning resource needs. With Pencil's dynamic support for multiple file types, easily deliver content to your learners.


Concisely manage topics and proficiencies by organizing courses with competencies.